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       Hongxing stone group was founded in 1997, is a set of stone mining, stone processing, wholesale, import plate production, sculpture, design, decoration construction, sales and trading, investment management, estate property as one of the diversified conglomerate and cross regional. The group is headquartered in Beijing City, Southeast Wuhuan Ciqu export Union International Stone trading market in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Xiamen, Fujian, Guangdong, Yunfu, Hebei, Xianghe, head of Shandong, Pingyi and the Middle East, Europe and other places have star production base and marketing network, both in Tianjin, Shenyang investment Zhengzhou, Xianghe, Yunfu, Pingyi, and Nantong to build a large professional stone market, and in the star group, Dongsheng Group shares, a number of well-known enterprises and organizations to create a stone known throughout the occupied area reached 8000 acres of "Beijing stone".
       More than 300 Star Group invested billions of yuan into large stone processing equipment of the most advanced BM sawing machine, automatic polishing line, CNC wire cutting machine, computer copying machine lines (sets), absorb the rich practical experience of more than 3000 employees. At present, the group's annual processing capacity of more than 5500000 square meters, to maintain year-round inventory of more than 200 varieties, more than 3000000 square meters. Not only has a very strong production of flat, thin plate, arc plate and various special-shaped process stone comprehensive ability, but also with large projects to undertake the design, production, processing and construction, installation capacity. The annual output value of the group is RMB 2 billion yuan, and the tax payment amount is as high as 30 million yuan rmb. Acer Star Group has been adhering to the "is about the sense of responsibility" and "the same star purpose, do one thing, let more people recognized" service concept, to warm service, high quality products, excellent technology to win customers trust and praise, the use of "Star" model of engineering products the star like Qibu, star of the products sold throughout the country.
       Hongxing group through the ISO9001.2008 international quality management system certification, has won the "China Building Materials Market Association AAA grade quality, service and credit" enterprises; Chinese Building Materials Circulation Association "Chinese construction decoration specifies the preferred brand"; Chinese stone commodity Association "bidding to promote the use of stone products"; Chinese Quality Inspection Association, "national quality test the stability of qualified product"; China Building Materials Association "star brand" green building materials "; 11th Five-Year Chinese stone is the most valuable brand enterprise" and the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee "stone quality award", "top ten enterprises" Beijing stone industry is now the honorary title of "Chinese National Federation of stone industry the chamber of Commerce vice president of the unit", "vice president of the Beijing Stone Industry Association unit".
       Acer will cooperate sincerely with all my colleagues, create brilliant.