Group profile
        Hongxing stone group is a collection of stone mining, processing, production, sculpture, engineering design, decoration construction, sales and trade, investment management, real estate as one of the diversified, trans regional integrated enterprise. The headquarters is located in Beijing City, Southeast Wuhuan Ciqu export Western Union International Stone market, in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong, Yunfu, head of the Northeast Shenyang, Inner Mongolia Baotou, Henan Zhengzhou and the Middle East, Europe and other places have star base and marketing network.
        Group strategy
        The company has always uphold"Talking about the sense of responsibility "The purpose of the macro star, and"Do one thing, let more people recognized"The service concept, to warm service, quality products...
        Core advantage
        Invest billions of yuan. The introduction of advanced international processing equipment BM sawing machine, automatic polishing line, CNC wire cutting machine, computer copying machine and other large equipment hundreds of lines...
        Group honor
        Through the ISO9001.2008 international quality management system certification, China has been building materials Market Association“Quality, service, reputation”AAA level China Building Materials Circulation Association...

        Development history

        1997 - Fujian Hongxing Stone Co., Ltd.

        1998 - Acer star marched north into the capital venture in Beijing

        2002 - was founded in Beijing City, Western Union Star Stone Co. Ltd.

        2004 - Beijing Hongxing two plant was put into operation

        2006 - Beijing Hongxing three plant was put into operation

        2008 - Shenyang Hongxing Stone Co., Ltd.......



           Management team