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Hongxing Stone Group (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.
Company profile
           Acer Star Stone Group (Chongqing) Co. Ltd is a subordinate enterprise Hongxing stone group. The company is located in Chongqing City, Kowloon skin area containing Gu Zhen global tournament building materials market, located in the Chongqing Valley East of Chengdu Chongqing high-speed water crossing. Chongqing company was founded in May 15, 2015, the management and staff of a total of 13 products, white jazz, Magnolia, Altman, Peirce, Oman white, deep brown, beige jade, new Altman, pull the clouds ash, rich dragon, gold, wood, French Sofitel PORTORO, White Rose Beige, light brown, Beige lightning m, Huang Di Huang Naomi oudian. A plant in Chongqing, 5000 square meters has been put into use, two plants are actively preparing 12000 square meters, is expected to formally put into operation all imports of Dali stone of more than and 50 varieties, the stock reached 60000 square meters. Expected sales of 30 million yuan about years, production capacity of about 50 thousand square meters, mainly Taiwan Jingyou infrared and cantilever crane of these equipments. Chongqing star will be adhering to the "is about the sense of responsibility" and "the same star purpose, do one thing, let more people recognized" service concept, with more enthusiasm, high-quality products, exquisite craft, attentive service returns all the new and old customers!