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Gabbro Stone
Business introduction
           Pingyi Hui Sheng Stone Industry Co., Ltd is a large modern stone production and processing enterprise, which is invested by the famous stone enterprises of china. Our company is located in Shandong, Pingyi, China, Linyi. Adjacent to the East and the stars together to create Dongsheng (Pingyi) International Stone city. Huisheng stone as Dongsheng (Pingyi) International Stone Industrial Park settled enterprises, a total investment of 120 million yuan, covers an area of 43009.6 square meters (about 64.5 acres), is a standardized, large-scale, intensive processing enterprises to jointly build a demonstration of marble from Fujian Dongsheng and Beijing Hong xing. Pingyi is now the first professional production and processing of imported marble stone stone enterprises.
           Hui Sheng Stone Industry Selection of foreign high-quality marble, the introduction of advanced production equipment, environmental protection facilities and production process. Plant new equipment marble frame saw 6, automatic mill production line of 2 units, automatic drying machine 1 sets, infrared cutting machine 6. Comprehensive utilization of resources recycling, energy saving and emission reduction, clean production, efficient and intensive use of land. Hui Sheng Stone industry will achieve annual processing of 800 thousand square meters. Processing capacity has stone line, cylindrical, mosaic, sculpture, railings, etc. various kinds of special-shaped arc plate stone products, can undertake various types of stone engineering.