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Hongxing Stone Group (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.


Company profile
         Shenyang Hongxing is the Northeast's largest stone processing enterprises, processing workshop standardization and advanced equipment, with the procedure of the production process and strict quality management, produce the highest quality products, is the biggest reason for customer choice, our production base covers an area of 50 thousand square meters, production workshop covers an area of 14000 square meters. Large blocks of Library Library covers an area of 24000 square meters, equipped with BM tug 6 Taiwan, Jingyou 20 head 1 sets of automatic mills, Coda automatic grinding machine 2 sets, 1 sets of domestic and imported automatic drying drying line Italy line set, Jingyou bridge cutting machine 10 sets, 1 sets of automatic grinding machine, automatic line machine. Flex machine 5, copying machine 3 sets, 1 sets of water jet machine, sandblasting machine 1 sets of large imported processing equipment. The company imported large perennial reserves amounted to 600 thousand square meters, up to hundreds of varieties, the annual operating various kinds of imported blocks, slabs and selling imported and domestic flights; processing of various blocks, the project board, and a large stone shaped products; engineering design, processing experience, is the largest stone processing enterprises, the scale of processing capacity in Northeast China the strongest.
         The company finished the 200 thousand square meters, large imports of perennial reserves amounted to 400 thousand square meters, all kinds of imported wool in light of hundreds of varieties, all blocks reserves amounted to more than 20 thousand tons.
Since the establishment of the company adhering to the "is about the sense of responsibility" and "the same star purpose, do one thing, let          more people recognized" service concept, to warm service, high-quality products, exquisite technology, strict management to win the majority of customers trust and praise, the use of "Star" the model works such as star Qibu, Hongxing products sold throughout the country, exported to Europe and the United states.