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Tianjin Xincheng Hongxing stone material Co., Ltd.
Company profile

        Star stone group of stone products of high quality, exquisite processing technology, market reputation is higher for many reasons, sales rose year by year, the processing of the marble products shortage situation, therefore, the group in 2014 to spend 1 billion 500 million yuan, to invest in the Baodi District of Tianjin City, nine Park Industrial Park Beijing stone built a covering 330 mu, building area of over two hundred thousand square meters of production and processing base of large stone -- Tianjin Metro Star Stone Co., referred to as the Tianjin star.
        Tianjin Hongxing full use of modern planning and design, with large production workshop two, equipped with 24 sets of BM diamond saw, advanced equipment and imported grinding and drying line number of Taiwan, the annual production capacity of up to 600 thousand square meters, production and processing all kinds of decoration engineering using stone, stone line, cylindrical, embossed, parquet other stone products. Tianjin Hongxing stone products with a large warehouse two, keep inventory of more than and 150 varieties of about 3000000 square meters, is from Italy, France, Egypt, Spain, Turkey and other dozens of countries of high-grade stone show "luxury stone exhibition". Tianjin star also has two special stone base, hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of stone is Tianjin Hongxing strong market supply capacity guarantee.
       The Tianjin star has nearly 1000 employees, professional and technical workers line of more than 600 people, engineers and technicians, cohesive force of quality inspection personnel more than 200 people, management staff more than 100 people, strong technical strength and scientific management ability plus the star of the Tianjin team, the Tianjin Corporation stood in front of stone industry the. The development of stone industry has played a leading role. Tianjin Hongxing adhering to the "talk is responsible" Star "with the purpose and do one thing, let more people recognized" service concept, break, continue to improve, become a bright pearl of the China stone industry.