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Hongxing Stone Group (Xianghe) Co., Ltd.
Company profile

           Acer Star Stone Group in April 10, 2015 in Xianghe Stone Town, is a set of stone mining, processing production, sculpture, design, decoration engineering construction, sales and trading, investment management, estate property as one comprehensive enterprise, diversification, cross regional. The headquarters is located in Beijing City, Southeast Wuhuan Ciqu export Western Union International Stone market, in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong, Yunfu, head of the Northeast Shenyang, Inner Mongolia Baotou, Henan Zhengzhou and the Middle East, Europe and other places have star base and marketing network. Acer star group of companies at home and abroad covers an area of 2200 acres, invested billions of yuan. The introduction of advanced international processing equipment BM sawing machine, automatic polishing line, CNC wire cutting machine, computer copying machine and other large equipment hundreds of lines (sets), absorb the rich practical experience of more than 2600 employees. At present, the group's annual processing capacity of over 5500000 square meters, 1500000 square meters or more to maintain year-round inventory. Not only has the production of flat plate, sheet, arc plate and all kinds of special-shaped stone comprehensive ability, but also have the ability to undertake large-scale engineering design, production and processing and construction installation. The company has always been adhering to the "is about the sense of responsibility" and "the same star purpose, do one thing, let more people recognized" service concept, to warm service, high quality products, excellent technology to win customers trust and praise, the use of "Star" products such as star model project Jibu, Hongxing products sold throughout the country, exported to Europe and the United states.