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Market Overview

   Beijing and Tianjin stone headquarters base, the total planned area of more than 8000 acres, plans to invest 16 billion yuan, five phases of development and construction. In addition to the production base in the processing area and storage area, will be equipped with professional stone market group, building decoration design, stone products exhibition center, District, logistics services of electronic commerce center and solve the people the basic necessities of life and Commercial comprehensive service area.

  At present, the one or two and three phases of the base have developed and constructed 4000 mu of land, with a basic investment of RMB 8 billion yuan. With the advantages of location, strength and influence, it has attracted more than 80 famous stone enterprises in china. At present, the base has 60 scale and strength of enterprises to complete the basic construction and put into life, with more than 100 marble saw, dozens of countries and regions to import stone materials transported directly from the port of Tianjin, Beijing and Tianjin have made stone production and processing capacity is very strong.