Jing-Jin stone city


Market Overview

  Star Stone Group has diversified into the development stage of enterprise, following the investment in Shenyang City, Xianghe Minnan stone stone town, Shandong City, Pingyi Dongsheng stone stone Zhengzhou United International Logistics Park, Guangdong Yunfu Hongxing stone market five big stone market in nine yuan, Tianjin Industrial Park, Baodi District of Beijing and Tianjin investment to build a stone again professional stone Market -- star stone market.

        Star stone market planning covers an area of more than 550 acres, the overall planning is completed in four phases. Among them, the first (A District) and the two stage for the production, processing and stone trading area. The total area of 260 mu, building area of 110 thousand flat, of which A District 45 thousand flat, B District 65 thousand flat. All designed and constructed into modern steel structure industrial building. The span of the single span workshop is 20 meters, and the length is 55 meters to 70 meters. Each span workshop area is 950 smooth rice to 1400 smooth rice left and right sides. Very suitable for small and medium-sized stone enterprises investment and management. Within the market width of the road to 18 meters, smooth traffic, many entrances design, so that the entire market without dead ends.

        Star stone market on the north side adjacent to Xin Dongsheng stone city and ShangBang stone city, become the Beijing stone professional stone market in the most intensive areas. The gathering of stone merchants will make the region a stone trading center in Baodi, Beijing and tianjin! The completion of Hongxing stone market will speed up the pace of development of Beijing, Tianjin and stone, and bring more and more opportunities to the stone industry.