Shenyang Minnan stone city


Market Overview

        In 2010, Acer Star Group in Liaoning, Shenyang to invest in the construction of Shenbei New Area Shenyang Fujian stone city three, the project is located in Shenyang City, Shenbei New Area Agricultural Road No. 38, a total investment of 400 million yuan, covers an area of 440 mu, building area of 230 thousand square, stone and settled more than 60 enterprises, and in August 2012 officially opened.

        Shenyang Fujian stone city three changed the original one or two pattern and management idea, with large, high quality, and all the outstanding characteristics of the large, large scale of investment, high - strength enterprises; market management level is high, in the field of enterprise technology, high technology level; excellent, excellent service property in the field of enterprise, product quality, engineering quality; all varieties of stone market operation, processing capacity and can contract the total project type Quandeng features. The market has gathered the domestic manufacturers and many of the famous stone industry elite, Beijing star, Shenyang star grand, Lee Stone, stone, stone and other loose dragon Shenyang stone industry many companies settled in Shenyang Fujian stone city three, Shenyang Minnan stone city has truly become set in stone production, processing, sales, installation is one of the the stone carrier, so that the majority of manufacturers and customers to stone city three only think, not to buy the!

        In order to make Shenyang stone city three mode of operation, variety, meet the needs of different customers, in order to increase the market supporting service, let the stone city better service to our customers and vendors, stone city three is equipped with 83 sets of boutique stores; the high-grade office between 27 sets; 200 sets of apartments, as well as supporting the freight yard, enrich the market business types and varieties of products, but also offers a variety of services for businesses and customers in the field. The unique hardware environment and market management model and operation process of the South China stone city undoubtedly guarantee the best service and efficient transactions. The strong function of radiation Chinese in Northeast China and Japan and South Korea, Russia and other countries of the building materials market, and the quality of the most complete varieties, the lowest price, the best, and the most convenient traffic, the stone city three will become the ideal place for you to buy Stone, help you succeed Fu Yun wang!