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Market Overview

  The total project covers an area of 3100 mu, with a total investment of 10 billion 500 million yuan, with a total construction area of 2 million 300 thousand square meters. It plans to introduce 4000 enterprises and businesses, covering 20 countries and regions, such as Italy, Turkey and South korea.

  Xianghe stone city officially established by the Xianghe county government, and has been listed as a key project in Hebei province. The project started in 2014 May, and started construction in July. The whole project is scheduled for completion in June 2018. Among them, the first phase of the project (A District) planning covers an area of 800 acres, with a total investment of 2 billion 520 million yuan, with a total construction area of 400 thousand square meters, in July 17, 2015, the official delivery of commercial use. At present, has completed an investment of 1 billion 200 million yuan, 28 building design, exhibition, logistics trading center, building 48 and building 8 headquarters settlement center living facilities for the main project has been completed, the ongoing internal decoration and ancillary facilities construction. The two phase of project (zone B) is located on the east side of 103 national road. The plan covers an area of more than 1300 mu. It began construction in April 2015. The first batch of commercial stores was built with more than 300 households, covering an area of 200 mu. Now the project has been basically completed, the end of July capped. The three phase of the project (C) is located in the west of State Road 103 South Road, covers an area of 1000 acres, the construction area of 160 acres, building 12 exhibition hall building area of 100 thousand square meters has been completed, the project area of road hardening has been completed, some businesses are entering the decoration.

  Xianghe, known as "the capital of furniture in the north", for many years, with the location of the three provinces at the junction of the location and convenient traffic conditions, gathered a strong business atmosphere. In the capital industry transfer environment, Xianghe with unique advantages to attract Beijing stone / Wood / ceramic / hardware machinery and many other professional market settled. In the future, it will become the largest market cluster in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Xianghe building materials city is to seize the initiative, the first landing in Beijing, Tianjin border area of the core - Anping town. In the future, this place will be a new landmark for "businessmen gathered and unlimited business opportunities".