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Stone enterprises, awesome

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       Dongsheng, Benson, global, macro star, both good English, good, bright, for a long time, Jebsen as the representative of the leading enterprises in the 4 phase of the moon once a year Beijing international stone fair. Behind these enterprises, it is the rapid rise of the north stone base, which is headed by Beijing Tianjin International Stone headquarters base, Shi Shi Cang and Li Li stone market.


       With the gradual saturation of South market and the increase in production costs, head stone bosses have turned their attention to the north. Shortly before the end of the water head stone exhibition, many enterprises decided to go to the north to build factories and participate in the exhibition. Tianjin, the nearest port city in Beijing, has left its eyes on its 30 minute drive from Beijing and the palpable pulse of the market.
       Stone enterprises move northward in the ascendant. Each market has begun to break ground, and progress is faster, such as Baodi International Stone headquarters base has more scale. Is expected early next year, there will be more and more enterprises settled in Tianjin, including many well-known enterprises such as Conley, brooks.
       Beijing exhibition continues to heat up, once again become the focus of the industry, can not be separated from the rise of Tianjin, Beijing, Tianjin and the vast economic circle of the northern market demand potential. The demand for engineering in the North has remained 25% for many years, especially for high-grade stones. For example, the three phase of China World Trade Center project just put into use, its banquet annex and commercial annex building area of about 55 thousand square meters, large-scale use of imported stones. Stone has become the main index to improve the construction level, and has put forward higher requirements for material selection, construction quality and enterprise level. The stone circle is universal, Xishi to undertake the project on behalf of the stone as an example, the northern branch of the business is growing rapidly, a large part of the source to undertake the project.
       The participation of many stone enterprises will bring rich varieties of stone and new products, which will attract many designers. Beijing design institutions gathered, stone exhibition of the latest news has been released in China interior designer network and other major design media, the daily hits exceeded 2000. Nearly 100 designers have been pre registered at the site, will attend the exhibition site of the International Stone Design Summit Forum, jointly appreciate the stone quality.
       The huge demand of engineering is the guarantee for the stone industry to continue to develop rapidly, and it is the only magic weapon for enterprise development to be close to the consumption center. What is the future of the northern stone market? Will the demand for projects continue to grow next year? I'm sure you'll find the answer at the Stone Fair in Beijing.

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