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2010 stone industry annual meeting and Design Summit held in Guangzhou

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       In December 10, 2010, the Guangdong Stone Industry Association 2010 and the summit meeting of design and selection materials were held at the conference hall on the third floor of Pazhou poly Expo Center in Guangzhou.

      The annual meeting will be designed as the theme, designed to promote the industry chain upstream and downstream entrepreneurs to work with colleagues in the industry, to find and explore business opportunities, and promote the design industry and stone industry organic integration, development and expansion.

      Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, the provincial CPPCC deputy party secretary, deputy director of the Economic Commission Chen Haiyan Huang Haikun, vice president of Guangdong product quality supervision and Inspection Institute, chairman of stone industry association Huang Zehong, Provincial Consumer Council Secretary General Jiang lie Hua, the real estate industry association Li Qiaohuan, Deputy Secretary General, Registered Architects Association director Luo Wenyu and other leaders attended the meeting. The annual conference also received the attention and support of government departments and the community, China Architectural Association, Chinese Stone Association, China Chamber of Commerce for stone industry in different provinces and the association of the annual meeting of the brothers sent letters and telegrams.

      Was invited to attend the meeting of renowned designers and Hongkong Macao and domestic famous architects: building vice president, Guangzhou University architectural design and Research Institute chief engineer Dr. Wang He, construction engineering design institute, the first British 5A International Design Institute Xu Yangtong, design director Dong Yun, director of the Hongkong Henry Fok Foundation Limited Architectural Design Department, Chen Wei, the Yangtze River Industrial enterprise management company manager Cai Yuangang, Shenzhen Tianjian real estate planning design center director Huang Shan, Jiangsu tenmor Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. design operating department chief engineer Cao Xiang, Guangdong Overseas Construction Engineering Group Director Li Hanming, associate professor, vice president of Panyu Polytechnic Institute Cao Gan College of Art and design, MAG design general manager Huang Weixiong, director of Tsinghua congmei material design Zhao Jiechao, art design director Zhu Jianjun, Guangzhou city design director Xu Yuqing, Jimei xierun group engineering design Feng Yuyan, general manager of Huang Runquan, director of the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Xu Bofeng, general manager of Shaoyang good decoration design capacity of health, Guangdong Xinxiang, architectural design manager Zeng Jin, Guangzhou Li Ding decorative butterfly swim landscape design director, Charles Liang Xi, Xinshang sculpture director Guo Philippines, moon Design Center for creative director Wu Wei, China architectural design landscape design, architectural design manager Tian Lu manager Mao Yan, design director Charles Liang Xi, the group design engineering director Huang Jinyu, Zhejiang Jiaxing dillsun space general manager Shen Jiahao Mellon, Wang Chungui space, decorated courtyard design engineer chaudun, was about design director Kang Yan, Hunan hongyangjiazhuang design director Wang Ling, director, manager Ma Jianqi my-room interior decoration design director Zhang Yan Wang Chungui, in Hunan, a design of general manager Zhang Yingwu, Yang Research on state gardening design general manager Chen Ming, Jascha space director Xie Biao, design director of Shaoyang good Rongjian, Ji Xinxiang deputy general manager Yang Bo, as well as some independent senior architect, senior architect, in addition, also from the general manager, visit the Guangzhou International Design Week interim meeting of domestic and foreign well-known design companies and design director designer.

      Consultant Stone Association, association leaders and members, chairman of stone enterprises in China and Hong Kong and Macao, office building design institute and design company of senior designers, architectural decoration enterprises responsible person, real estate project procurement manager, stone construction engineering responsible for about more than 570 people attended the meeting, after the meeting in the Guangzhou headquarters of the two floor restaurant Kim the banquet hall at dinner. Southern news media satellite TV channel, Guangdong TV news channel, Guangzhou daily, Guangdong daily, the construction of information times, China real estate news, etc. Chinese enterprise newspaper reported on the whole process and the theme of the meeting interview.

      It is reported that the next annual meeting will be held on July 2011, after receipt of the "2010 Stone Association highlights the work and service needs questionnaire" in 2011, the guests are basically in the questionnaire registration to attend the next annual meeting, some members and guests also proposed to participate in the organization planning, as a co organizer or organizer wishes.

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