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The thirteenth China (Yunfu) International Stone Technology Exhibition

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The 4 day of the thirteenth China (Yunfu) International Stone science and Technology Exhibition (referred to as stone exhibition) perfect ending yesterday. 4 days into the exhibition hall, purchase a total of 54 thousand passengers, to achieve both social and economic benefits.
October 21st, the stone will enter the last day, in Yunfu international stone industry city to see, there are still many businessmen came to discuss business. The majority of exhibitors are satisfied with the economic benefits, social effects and Exhibition services. From Suzhou stone machinery exhibitors Wu Shiyu said that this year in the exhibition received several orders, there are a lot of old customers also specially came from overseas procurement, stone exhibition exhibitors gave a good showcase, bring new products to market enterprises. The general manager of Yunfu xingaoya Stone Co., Qin Jun said that this year's exhibition mode is different from the previous years, mainly for brand dealers, there are a number of exhibition at the same time, and divided into different teams to promote the dealer brand effect, achieved good results

It is understood that, compared with the previous, this rock show shows the characteristics of specialization and internationalization is more and more high, the exhibition is higher, more and more high grade culture. Stone exhibition area of 48 thousand square meters, 370 exhibitors, a total of 633 booths, including 486 standard booths, special booth 147; content of exhibition brings together domestic and foreign stone, natural stone, artificial stone products, stone processing machinery and equipment, stone art creative design, in addition to a large number of domestic businessmen exhibitors outside, there are from Italy, Mexico, Afghanistan, Turkey and other 10 countries or regions of the businessmen exhibitors. This exhibition will be held together to participate in the exhibition industry exhibitors trend, the city stone chamber of Commerce, the city Machinery Association, the city will have a stone to hold together in the form of exhibitors. Among them, the city will organize 42 stone stone enterprises exhibitors, in addition to bluestone members of enterprises, but also brought together, Laizhou, Macheng, head of Nantong, Hezhou, Pingyi, Xiamen, Shanghai Pavilion, Shi Shanban youth will 22 foreign enterprises exhibition. City stone chamber of Commerce in the C1 museum set up a special chamber of Commerce, a total of 18 special booth. City Machinery Industry Association organized a total of 19 member companies participating. The stone exhibition was also held during the "wisdom of Yunfu starting line ceremony", "stone industry innovation development forum, the National Standardization Technical Committee synthetic stone stone Subcommittee on" a number of supporting activities.


Yunfu International Stone Technology Exhibition
World stone city, boutique collection. Is to create a national stone cultural event, and the thirteenth Chinese (Yunfu) International Stone Technology Exhibition held simultaneously seventh Chinese (Yunfu) stone culture festival will be held October 18, 2016 -23 at Yunfu International Stone Expo center.
The seventh China (Yunfu) stone culture festival is jointly organized by the Yunfu Municipal People's government and the Guangdong Provincial Department of culture, and for the first time to join the Yunfu local mainstream media authority of Yunfu daily as jade stone ornamental Fairs Organizer will establish a corporate image for exhibitors, propaganda enterprise brand and product to provide a broader stage.
Four highlights of the exhibition
Larger Exhibition
Exhibition area of nearly 100 thousand square meters, integrated exhibition and perennial exhibition synchronized display, further increase the number of special exhibition.
The largest stone - Chinese professional base - Yunfu International Stone Expo Center, show the scale of the previous listing, the exhibition area of 97 thousand and 800 square meters, booth number up to 7381, the number of exhibitors over 100 thousand people, 4 day trading turnover reached 4 billion 150 million yuan. 2015, the scale of the exhibition continued to enhance the scale, the number of additional special exhibition area to fully meet the huge demand of domestic and foreign exhibitors.
More extensive media
This exhibition will fully cooperate with more than 40 domestic and international media industry and professional authority of the media, to carry out a full range of exhibition, three-dimensional promotion, while the entire exhibition information seamless coverage.
The exhibition industry to make full use of database resources more than and 10 years of accumulation, advertising and special reports at home and abroad through the 40 industry journals, professional websites and mass media authority, at the same time with SMS, outdoor, DM leaflets, e-mail and other means, to do publicity without interruption, three-dimensional, full range, to do large-scale, high offer accurate, no loopholes, ensure the professional audience to catch up with the last.

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