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2016 China (Nanan) International Stone Expo successfully

Number of visits: Date:2016年12月14日 20:43

Start time: 2016-11-08

End time: 2016-11-11

Venue: China Nanan International Stone Expo

Seventeenth session - Chinese (Nanan) Shuitou International Stone Exhibition sixteenth "adhering to the inheritance and innovation of Hester, stone, culture", in this never-ending stone people feast, 2016 will be a wonderful opening in November 8, 2016 -11 month 11 days in the head start fixing the new exhibition hall. World stone center, International Convention and exhibition. 2016 start fixed new exhibition hall, tree stone Bo image! Stone world, you and me!

Chinese head (Nanan) International Stone Exhibition by the Fujian Provincial People's Government of the machine to show industrial upgrading fruitful, held four days to visit the audience of 51 thousand people, at the same time held a financial forum on the financial stone stone industry with a new pattern of depth, let the stone enterprise benefit; held a new stone with designers, construction industry matchmaking, new production efficiency shorten stone time, enriches the construction industry designers held the stone material material; direct mode museum experience shows, industry and consumers to try new marketing models and new consumption patterns; held the stone museum experience shows, and let culture play in stone more important, from the head stone from a head manufacturing shift to head made. The positive interaction between exhibition and industry will bring benefits to industry and exhibitors. Furthermore, the head of the world's stone. The sixteenth China (Nanan) International Stone Fair head precipitation we will uphold the previous exhibition, play to the role of the industrial upgrading, build stone industry chain information platform, focus on highlighting the effectiveness, will play in the new promotion, brand display, technological innovation, model innovation and industry platform and so on several aspects to achieve higher levels of the show features. 2015-11-8~11 on the sixteenth China Nanan International Stone Expo stone hot investment, large-scale, many exhibitors.


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